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Veronica, Michael, and Lincoln.

Okay, spammage. I know. But you know what I just realised? The writers for PB? Fucked up again possibly.

See, according to Veronica's bio she dated Linc all through high-school.

Problem is? She's from Fuller Park and Linc and Michael grew up in Morgan Park. These places? Not so close to each other.

Also? This means Veronica grew up in a worse neighborhhod then Michael and Lincoln did.

Once more:

Veronic's bio, stating that she grew up in Fuller Park and dated Linc through High School.

Linc's bio which states that he dropped out of Morgan Park High School in tenth.

Michael's bio which states that he had an immaculate record at Morgan Park High School.

Veronica is supposedly a year older than Michael (According to a spoiler on TWoP). That means that either Linc dated her while he was in high school (In which case there should be at least one arrest of statutory rape on his record) or somehow Linc could afford to go and see her that many neighborhoods away while still living on the outskirts of the county.

And I know that there's such a thing as long-distance relationships but they grew up in completely different cities.

A) How did they meet.

B) What fifteen year-old girl do you know can handle--Dude. He was eighteen when she was fifteen. Illegal much? Okay, pretending that everyone who knew about them had no problem with them dating and that no cop who ever arrested him ever found out who Veronica was or that she was his girlfriend or that she was underage there's still my original point. What fifteen-year-old girl do you know can handle a long-distance "relationship" with another guy much less and older one?

Gah, the fucking inbreeding! If you are going to write something like this at least get your fuckiong timelines straight guys! *Shakes fist at Writers*
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