BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,


Oh bugger all.

I'm looking through icon posts, right? I see number 17 here and now I want Prison Break Truth or Dare. Well. Mostly To Tell the Truth.

The bad part? I don't want it Cracky. Damn.

I see C-Note pulling his usual shit, trying to get Sucre not to trust Michael as much and all that crap and then I see Michael getting pissed-off and fed-up and then it just kinda coming to a head in P.I. one day and Michael telling everyone something like: "Okay. You want to trust me? Fine. Make me trust you. You ask me a question and trust that I'll answer honestly and I get to ask you one. Deal?"

Aw damn. Another bunny. Yay. My real problem? Is that I suck at questions.

Anyone got any ideas? One con to another, what do you think they would ask with no limits?

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