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Twenty-Six Things About Love (And the lack thereof)

Okay, you guys like it when I write stories, right? Good. Because now I need your help.

Twenty-six letters of the alphabet. I need a song and/or a movie for each one and I need a word for each one. The hard part? Is where the subject line comes in. They have to be about/make you think of either Love or Hate.

And if it's something that makes you think about [Love or Hate] then explaining why would be a good thing too.

A: American Psycho, American Beauty [thelana], All About Eve [mooyoo],
B: The Boondock Saints [thelana], Brokeback Mountain, The Birdcage [mooyoo],
C: Casablanca [thelana], Cat on a Hot Tin Roof [thelana], Carrie [mooyoo],
D: Donnie Darko [thelana], Dumbo [mooyoo],
E: East of Eden [thelana], The Elephant Man [mooyoo], Ever After [ph34rmoi], Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind [ph34rmoi],
F: From Here To Eternity [thelana], Friday the 13th [mooyoo],
G: Gone With The Wind [thelana], The Great Escape [mooyoo], Garden State [ph34rmoi],
H: How To Marry A Millionaire [thelana], Heart and Souls [mooyoo], How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days [ph34rmoi],
I: The Island [thelana], I ♥ Huckabees [mooyoo],
J: Johnny Mnemonic [thelana],
K: King Kong [thelana],
L: The Long Goodbye [thelana],
N: Niagra [thelana],
M: The Misfits [thelana], My Own Private Idaho [thelana], The Maltese Falcon [mooyoo], Moulin Rogue [ph34rmoi], Million-Dollar Baby [ph34rmoi],
O: Oliver Twist [thelana],
P: Papillion [thelana], The Princess Bride [mooyoo], Pirates of the Carribean [ph34rmoi],
Q: Quo Vadis [thelana],
R: Rebel Without a Cause [thelana], The Royal Tennenbaums [mooyoo],
S: Streetcar Named Desire [thelana], Saved [mooyoo],
T: Tarzan [thelana], Titanic [thelana], Three Kings [mooyoo],
U: U-Turn [thelana],
V: Vertigo [thelana], The Virgin Suicides [almostforgiven], A Very Long Engagement [mooyoo],
W: West Country Girl - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds [thelana], While You Were Sleeping [mooyoo],
X: The Wizard of Oz [thelana],
Y: Young Guns [mooyoo],
Z: Zardoz [thelana],

A: All of This - Blink 182 [ph34rmoi], Always - Blink 182 [ph34rmoi], A Lifetime - Better Than Ezra [ph34rmoi],
B: Better Together by Jack Johnson [lissa_bear], Broken - Seether [lissa_bear],
C: Come What May - Moulin Rouge Soundtrack [ph34rmoi], Collide - Howie Day [ph34rmoi],
D: Down - Blink 182 [ph34rmoi],
E: Easy Target - Blink 182 [ph34rmoi, hate],
F: Fallin' - Alicia Keyes, Feelin' This - Blink 182 [ph34rmoi],
G: Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt. [zsuness],
H: Here's Your Letter - Blink 182 [ph34rmoi, hate.],
I: I Miss You - Blink 182 [ph34rmoi], I'm Lost Without You - Blink 182 [ph34rmoi],
J: Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presly [thelana],
K: Kiss The Bottle - [thelana],
L: Lucky Ones - Biff Naked [lissa_bear], Last Kiss - Pearl Jam [lissa_bear],
M: Movin' Out - Billy Joel [mooyoo],
N: Nothing Better - The Postal Service [ph34rmoi],
O: Only Hope - Switchfoot [ph34rmoi], Obvious - Blink 182 [ph34rmoi, hate.],
P: Pretty Baby - Vanessa Carleton [lissa_bear],
Q: Question - System Of A Down [thelana],
R: Rollin' - Limp Bizkit [thelana], Red Right Hand - Nick Cave [thelana],
S: Simple, Starving to be Safe - Daphne Loves Derby [ph34rmoi], She Says - Howie Day [ph34rmoi], Such Great Heights - Postal Service [ph34rmoi],
T: Tessie - Dropkick Murphies [mooyoo], Take On Me - A-Ha [mooyoo], Truly, Madly, Deeply - Savage Garden [zsuness], Time in a Bottle - Jim Croce [thelana],
U: U Remind Me - Usher [thelana],
V: Valentine - Martina McBride [lissa_bear],
W: West Country Girl - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds [thelana], With or Without You - U2 [ph34rmoi], Wherever You Will Go - The Calling [ph34rmoi],
X: X - Xzibit [thelana],
Y: You Don't Know My Name - Alicia Keyes [thelana],
Z: Zombie - The Cranberries [thelana],

Also? Just uploaded a bunch of new icons and I'm crossposting the last fic in a moment or when I get home.
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