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See the icon? It gets a lot of use.

Ten Six Seven Eight ways to tell you've been reading a fic by me. Because I can't think of ten.

1. There is liberal use of pronouns ("He" and "she") and a sparing use of names.

2. It's at least a little confusing.

3. It alludes to past instances you know nothing about.

4. It feels vaguely like you're watching episode 7 of season three of a series you've never seen before.

5. It has atun of mispelling s.

6. It's short.

ETA: "7. There usually are not enough of them ;D"--[thelana]

8. It don't be gottin no sexxxin in it. It doesn't have any sex in it. (when there totally should be ;p[thelana])

Also? My brother sucks and I think if I wanna go to a movie I'm gonna end up paying for us all. Which means? I'm going to be lacking money soon.

No movie. *Pouts*
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