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I went to San Dimas Mall today. Technically it's Metro Center and I go there all the time but I just wanted to let everyone know that it was the mall the subbed for San Dimas in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

mailea? They have a full-color Kevin at Hot Topic on clearance for eight bucks. Eight. Though you might wanna know, even if you're a little down on the Elijah love now there's still room for Kevin.

Got the latest copy of Wizard and issue two of Hard Time: Season Two. It's such an awesome comic. I need to find somewhere to DL it from because my money? Is not commonly mine or spendable.

I'm three-quarters of the way down page six of the Group-Home verse. I know exactly what I want the next scene to be in my head. But. I need to get my All-In-One working again right so that I can type it up and print it out when I'm done so I can write more tomorrow. And I still need to scan in the pictures of Bryon (The big brother) and CJ (The step-dad).

I'm tired and cranky and forty-three degrees is cold when you are wearing comfortable yet thin clothes and it's windy.

I want to read and I can't find any new fic that looks appealing right now. And I want to talk but everybody? Is not talking. And I'm hungry too.

Okay, I'm now making hot dogs so that's good.

Just finished watching Four Kings. They have this game in it called Chest. One guy will sock one of his friends in the chest, hard, and then run away. The guy who got chested? Will then hunt someone else to chest. Who else sees Michael and Linc having something stupid like this? Or Doorknob Dammit. I can really see them having this years long game of DD going.

Why is nobody online?

ETA: Forgot to mention. The lady who teaches my Rules of Evidence and Constitutional Law classes is so boring. I almost fell asleep in RoE like four times today. It's a 10am class. Imagine if I had tried to get it earlier, I'd be fucked.
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