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Part Six (The finale)

And look, Mozilla and Semagic freezes when I go to use them. On a commercial of course. Dammit.

See! Tim McGraw has an excuse to be here dammit! WHAT ABOUT YOU MARIAH?! Yay! Walk The Line preview.

Movie (Comedy/Musical)

Rene is annoying when she's not in Empire Records. If Walk The Line doesn't win I'm gonna be angry. WALK THE LINE! Yeah! Woo!

And also? Little bit of a spazz-out I had there during the acceptance speech. I'm so gonna be needing my sleeping pills tonight...

TV Drama

OOH! Lost! Lost os Prison Break! PB! One of them needs to win! One of them needs to win! PLeasepleaseplease! Yay for Lost! And yet? I think I wanted Prison Break to get it more. Huh. Maybe it's because Kate isn't on PB. Sara is though. Ick. Hee! He thanked Steve Carell's wife!

Clip for? BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN! WOO! Hee, Anne mouthing "Hi mom!" Gah I cried again. It's a sad movie! Shut-up!

Actress in a Movie (Drama)

And the winner is? Felicity Hufman - Transamerica. I want to see this horribly badly, really I do. I'm glad she won.

Actor Movie (Drama)

HeathHeathHeathHeathHeathHeathHeathHeath! Please! Philip Seymour Hoffman - Capote. Damn. I like him but... Well, two guesses who I was rooting for. Haven't seen the movies but I kinda want to because Philip Seymour Hoffman is pretty cool in my book.

Best Picture (Drama)

Brokeback Mountain, come on baby, come on! YES!!!!! BROKEBACK FUCKING MOUNTAIN BABY! WOOO! I want to scream but would get yelled at by the ladies downstairs.

I am so fucking happy right now, yu have no clue. This is just... Perfect. Yay!
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