BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Part Five

Anthony Hopkins thing. I'm doing emails.

Wow. I did not realize how much he was in.

Yeah, figures. Commercial now and Mozilla freezes again. Such bullshit.

Mmm. Colin. Yummy commercial. Any movie with Colin and Christian is a movie I want to see.

Argh. I'm running a scan when this is over to figure out why the fuck Mozilla is doing this now. Yargh. Mateys. ;P

It freezes Mozilla and folders but luckily notepad is fine.

Back on!

Preview for... Squid and the Whale. Eh. I dunno, doesn't really interest me much.

Best Director Movie

Clint Eastwood. Not a big fan of him. Nothing personal, just not my thing.

Dude, DDM or Peej. Really, either of them and I'll be happy. Though Speilberg might be good too. YEAH!!! Ang Lee - Brokeback Mountain. SO much love. Can you tell what ticket I'm riding this year? Dude, I love Ang Lee, aww. So much groovyness. So much. His speech was a little long but the fact that you could see tears getting ready to spill made up for that.

Actor Movie (Musical/Comedy)

Travolta is awesome. Johnny or Joaquin needs to win. Because. Ooh! Cillian Murphy! More hotness and more eyes! JOAQUIN PHOENIX - WALK THE LINE! YAY! He looks so stunned. Oh! He's still sick isn't he! Oh the poor baby! "Who ever though I would win in the comedy or musical catagory?" Ryan and Reese are happy for him, so cute. Poor baby, he's got bags under his eyes! He must be so sick. I am so proud of him. Really. He deserves it so much.
Tags: golden globes


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