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Part Three

Constant Gardener clip. Meh. No offense but... doesn't appeal to me. Nope, not at all.

Actress Movie (Musical/Comedy)

JAMIE FOXX! WHEE! My brother met him yesterday.

Woo! Reese! Reese Witherspoon - Walk The Line. Yay! She's cool. Reese and Ryan are a cute couple, you could tell he was excited for her, even without the push. Mmm. J. Phoenix is yummy. And no, I can't spell his name.

Actress TV (Comedy)

*Snort* Chris Rock is funny. Don't care about this one really because I haven't seen either and don't weant to see DH. I might say Teri though just because she was Lois Lane once upon a time. YAY! The Not!Housewife won! Mary-Louise Parker - Weeds. I know it'swrong but I'm just happy that Wisteria Lane didn't win.

Ha! Loved the Scrubs commercial. Very cute.

Pride & Prejudice. Whatever.

Actor Mini-series

Ooh! Ooh ooh ooh! ERIC BANA! YAY! Mmm. I love his voice!

Oh look, the same shit I haven't seen. Mmm. JRM's hot. And here's one I know Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Elvis. *Groan* God I love his accent. Mmm. Please let this be a long speech becuase I love hearing him talk. Aw! No! It was short! *Cries*

Actress Mini-Series

Mm! More Bana! Ick. I don't like Halle Berry and I hope she doesn't win. Anyone but her is good with me. Yay! S. Epatha Merkerson - Lackawana Blues. I love her from L&O so I assume she's good in LB.

Okay you know what? What the hell does Mariah Carey have to do with movies? Glitter? Excuse me, was I the only one who didn't see that? No wait, it bombed like Gigli. Make her leave!

And I'm really starting to get pissed off, my Mozilla has been freezing off and on all day and it's fucking annoying as shit. This has nothing to do with GG but it's a commercial. Okay, it was, not now though.

What's the preview for this time? Oh, that Matchstick thing from Woody Allen. Who cares? Not me, that's who. Oh, Match Point, whatever. Same thing.

Screenplay Movie

Virginia Madsen! My mom used to know her, Ma went out with Michael whe she was younger. She tells me about remembering her and Michael driving "Little Gina" to her acting classes.

Love George Clooney and love the Fake!Kiss. BBMBBMBBMBBMBBM! Please! YAY!!!!! Brokeback Mountain. Oh man, just the song is making me cry. Fuck! I am so happy right now, really I am.

Commercial time again.
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