BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Part Two

Welcome back, here's Melanie Griffith's daughter giving out the awards because obvious her life is so hard and no other kid would want to do this. [/Bitchyness]

The Producers looks good, I wanna see it.

Mini-series for TV

Yay! Latifah again! And Matt had to remind her to talk. Heh.

Oh look! A whole bunch of stuff I've never seen! Stupid fucking cable. Empire Falls. Really, am I the only fucking person who hasn't seen this? Shit.

Best actor TV (Comedy)

What the fucking hell is up with Pam Anderson's dress? Ew.

If somebody wins this catagory I'll be happy, everyone deserves it. Steve Carell - The Office. Yay! He'sfucking funny as hell. Love his acceptance speech too, he rocks it like a hurricane.
Tags: golden globes

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