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>_< Owes and Damn!

See mood.

Me and Aiden went to cash our check and money order after school today and we dragged Heather along. On the way there we found someone Aiden knew from when he lived in Fountain Hills (The rich place). We walked about 3 or four blocks there just to have BankOne tell us they wouldn't do it because we didn't have accounts there. On the way back we saw Aiden's aquantaince and realized him and his friends were protesting for Bush.

Aiden and I were so disgusted that we decided to fight back. We only had printer paper while they had big poster boards but we wrote down Anti-Bush slogans and held them up. Apparently John Kerry was going to be is having had a rally there tonight. We didn't know about it until then. We stood on the corner with our little signs for an hour before we realized we needed bigger ones.

After a debate I volunteered to take Heather back (Who's not very political and wasn't having fun sitting on the corner reading) and sign us out (You have to sign out every time you leave campus) and come back with signs. By the time I got back (After being stuck exactly 1 block away for 15 minutes because John Kerry and his brigade decided to come down that way at that time) Aiden had been interviewed and the streets had been closed off so the signs were useless. But you know what, against all the thumbs-downs and name calling we got we got a few thumbs-ups too.

After that we were on our way back to the dorms when I mentioned that I thought there was a check cashing place nearby. And since neither of us had eaten since 11 we were gonna get money, get Heather and go eat. We walked a few blocks out of our way and there was no place. My fault, I fucked up. Grr.

ETA: 11:59pm now. I fell asleep during Trigun (Comes on at 10:30) and then came back on floor at curfew (Aiden woke me up at 11) and walked into a political debate. Now I'm the first to admit that I don't know everything about politics, but I know enough and apparently more than a lot of the girls in the dorms. Unfortunetly I was still/am still 1/2 asleep so I probably sounded dumb. But nowhere near as dumb as one girl Chandell (Who is so fucking "Christian" she doesn't watch most TV because it's unchristian) who said about Bush outright "I know why I'm voting for him and I'm going to leave you with this: 50% of the reason I'm voting for him is A) He's a Christian. and B)He's against gay marriage."

Apparently the fact that he's sending our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews to die because he wants oil is okay. The fact that we have American children dieing because their parents can't buy food cause they spent all their money on taxes while the rich get a break is okay. The fact that millions of children are dieing because they don't have insurance and can't afford the hospital bills is okay. The fact that the "leader of the free-world" apparently had "no idea" what was happening to Iraqi prisoners while everyone else apparently knew is okay. Just as long as only a man and a woman can get married the rest is just small stuff.

And if we're gonna go at this from a religious standpoint lemme just say this: Anything you can get drunk and do in Vegas over a weekend is *NOT* a "deeply spiritual thing." If you wanna say that then put a minimum time-limit on marriage, make them take a breathalizer first, get mandatory counseling, and for the love of hell don't let people get divorced and do it 9 different times!

Okay you know what, I feel a vague bit better now. I'm still hungry and in pain but now I'm not as angry. Okay, now time for sleep.
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