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Pretty cool for a Wednesday

ETA: Need a laugh? Go to google paste the follwing without quotation marks: "dangling particple" then hit the "I'm feelin' lucky" button. It's all Kel and Di's faults.

Today started out shitty. First I wake up late (At like 6:45, just under an hour before school/work starts) and in pain, lower-back on down. Damn arthritis. Then when I walk right across the hall to the RA's office to sign-in for the day, while I'm there Elvia (The RA at the time) tells me that I have a write-up because I didn't earn my points this week.

Of course I could have done the smart thing and explain that I did earn them (I cleaned the laundry room on Saturday) and that Yvette (The RA then) must've forgot to write it down but did I? Of course not. I bitched her out cause I was in pain and a bad mood. Stupid? Yes. Gratifying? Hell yeah.

After that I realized that I didn't have my locker inspected and needed her to do it. -_-() Of course.

So she inspects my locker and tells me to clean the books and stuff out of the clothing drawers. By the time that's done and re-checked and I'm dressed and brushed--hair and teeth. It's fucking 7:30. I walk into the lunch room just as they give the 2-minute warning for closing. Luckily I had 2 burgers left over from BK last night I just happened to bring with.

I walked my brother up to class (One of my bro's started here on Monday) and then went to mine myself. Then I realized it was Cinco de Mayo and lots of people brought snacks to GED so I had Fry Bread and Cookies and stuff.

Then I showed up late for Lunch-Detail and had to work second lunch (11:25-12:15) instead of first (11-11:25). I spent like 5 minutes eating and 20 hunting down Idiot-Boy (My Brother) to give him my left-over burger (He refuses to eat the food here--with good reason). Once I did that I had to run for Lunch-Detail. I got there and found out I had to work with Liz--you should remember her from a previous post--and that sucked so hard it wasn't even funny.

Then I got to Math and spent the day (12:15-2:15) printing out pictures (Previous post, Miyavi, Gackt, Malice Mizar...), after that was SST (Social Skills Training). SST wasn't quite as boring as usual but it still sucked ass.

At 4 I went in for our weekly dorm meeting and we had Pizza cause we won cleanest floor this month. At 5 me, Heather, Aiden (He was sleeping), Eric (Who was visiting), and Idiot-Boy went to dinner (For something to drink). After dinner we were all gonna go to the Art room but the Art teacher was out sick so Idiot-Boy and Eric left and me and Heather went inside. She intended on sleeping and I intended on sitting on the computer. Then she got bored and decided we were going to the movies.

We saw Man on Fire, it was cool. Not extraordinary, but not too horrorible either. Now I feel the need to make a movie-mood list. And a song/mood list. You know like "If you're sad and want to wallow watch _______ or listen to _____ by ____." "If your sad and want to be cheered up watch _______ or listen to _____ by ____." Something like that...

Okay, tired now and loads to do. I've just realized I missed Smallville and Angel. I hope Idiot-Boy taped it...
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