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Popular 0116 - All About Adam (Went's episode)

Dude. It's so weird to remember that Melissa Ethridge's wife was the evil glamazon on here. That's just... scary. And yes, I forgot ME's name for a second. Bad me, no sleep.

I forgot that I liked Sara Rue. Even if I'm pretty sure I got her name wrong. I don't like her now that she's lost weight though, I know, bad me.

One minute, sixteen second into Wentworth's episode of Popular and he's already one of the gayest things ever. Orli still beats him by a mile but. Damn. That's some gay.

"What are the Supremes without Diana Ross or Blondie without Deborah Harry?" And the head bobbing and the hands and... dude. Gay like Aziraphale. And this post gets the slash goggles icon now. And the way his eyebrows jumped when he said Blondie was fucking hillarious and yes I know I'm reading to much into this so shut-up and bite my ass. I've now skipped back over this part like four times or something. And look, here goes five. Ah! It's not just the eyebrows, it's the fact that while doing it he gave a little bit of a Jerry Springer-esque neck swivel. So much gay in so few seconds!

Aww, no one talked to him. They're obviously all blind and high on coke. That or th girls are all gay and tey guys are all straight. Or he was some Ubergeek who just came back from Jenny Jones. Dude. I'm not 0151 in. This is gonna be a long bit of mockity mock fun.

I keep having to rewatch because I pause it in the middle of a sentance dammit! I actually watched some of this show when it was out. Ugh. What the fuck was I thinking? Really.

Eew Mary Cherry! Dude! I forgot how much evil skanktastic love she was! And lookit Wentworth, wow I just paused on him looking awefully constipated. Unpause. OH MY GOD! SO MUCH GAY! IT CANNOT BE CONTAINED! Holy crap dude, fuck. "Ah know y'all must get bored of hearing this but this squad is hot, did you see the heffa's from Nixon High last week? Nooo compairison." Gah the way he says it is just... A half-step above lithping. Somebody please tell me how to pull MP3s from this to share? Oh my god.

Oh my fucking god. He was a cheerleader? HOW WAS I NOT TOLD ABOUT THIS? So very much gay. I cannot stress this enough. Obviously. Unnnguh. Swimming. I must pause to enjoy this moment.


...Mmm. Yummy. Okay, back to the show. Oh ew! April Tuna? Diarhea in the pool? That... Ew. So not fair, not at all. Ick. Ewwwww! Oh dude. He actually looks sad. Aww. And this time it's not sarcastic. Damn his woobieness! Damn!

...And we're back to the gay within seconds. "As if she'd be anything without you." I'm not sure who Maria and Anita are but I think that might have been a West Side Story refrence. Mainly because Maria makes me think that and Sound of Music and I don't think there's anyone named Anita in SoM. Then again I haven't seen either so I could be wrong. 0417 in now and I should probably be watching this again. "Is Mary Cherry retared?" And now I'm in love. Which means he must be gay because two and a half out of three ex-boyfriends must be right. And hey look. Title shot. New paragraph.

Guest Starring Wentworth Miller And hey, a family dinner scene. Do people actually do those outside of going to some other relative's house? Shannon. That's who Brooke reminds me of, Shannon from Lost. Okay, unpausing again. *Gasp!* I paused to take a drink and who's name pops up as a guest-star? Clea Duvall. Man she's hot. Okay, back to the gaying (Snorted after typing that). National rolemodel my fucking ass! Didn't she get anorexia towards the end of the series? Chickpower magazine. T'cha, whatever.

Wow. The turtleneck looks weird on him. It's all... scrunchy. Is that supposed to be hot? And he already sounds like Michael. Wow. Also? Stalker much? She's totally his Cher. Eh-heh. Eh-heh-heh-heh! Fashion! He's preaching fashion! OMG HOW MANY TIMES WAS I NOT TOLD ABOUT THIS? Ooh that was an evil smile, hell yeah!

Ooh. Nice smile. Michael needs to smile more on PB, cause that's realy hot right there. Oh. Look, mentioning of the mom with a camera zooming in; they want us to feel for him. FEEL DAMN YOU! FEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLL! ...It's possible I might need sleep. Eee! The freak table, yay! It's Not!Colin Hanks and Not!Ralphie-May! Yay! Okay. Yeah, anyway. One-night thing my ass, the football player's knows it, he's got the Gaydar, he can spot him. Heh, spot him. Oh yes, definately need sleep. "What kind of a guy wants to be a cheerleader?" A big gay one who gays down gay street with a box full of gay kittens all named Barbra! This is gonna be funny when I wake up.

Raised by femenists? I thought his mom left when he was eleven. Con-man much? "Maybe I'll fail but... *Hair toss, if he had any* at least I tried." "You ask me questions I've never even asked myself." Oh ew. This was kind of gross and I'm not sure why. Ew though, ew.

Gee, I wonder if Sam will win. The anici...pation. Called it like gay. See? I know things.

Ooh bitchy. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ON HIS HEAD? Oh god. It's a sweat-band. Eugh, no. Just no. Even I know that; no. Raorrw. Cat-fight anyone? Claws?

Ooh, evil look of schemeing-ew ass! I paused wrong. Okay, back to The Look.

Ooh lookit that he swished!

Oh dude, I'm not sure why that was so funny but when they swung the camera to him behind the gate-thing? I cracked up. No wonder why I get mistaken for a stoner so much. "It's over Cherry! You're Jamba Juice!" Went doing... whatever the hell that was where he stalked towards her on his hands is weird. XD Wow, new gayest gay. The hed whip during: And lost five times in a row! Oh my god. Oh my god, this clip! You just, he, oh my god. So much over-the-top crack! Now I remember why I watched this show, it sucked and it knew it. HA! Dude! Mary Cherry beating on his chest and slapping him may be even better then the gay, it was that horribly awesome. And his evil face makes him look a lot like Linc in this pause. Ooh, one more smack and a creepy smile. Okay, so gay and into S&M apparently. EW! EW! EW MARY CHERRY! EW! IT KISSED HIM! MAKE IT STOP! Dude, how much did I love his legs flying p in the air when she tackled him? T H I S M U C H!

Love him wiping his mouth.

Gah. Watching him eat licorice shouldn't be as hot as it is. Mm.

I actually covered my eyes when Ms. Ross searched Brooke's bag bacause I knew what was gonna happen. Oh hey, cheesy drama thing and fake prison numbers. Maybe that's where our writers got it?

Dude. Manazon. Oy. "Actually, I've worked up a new routine I think might take us in a new modern direction." If you could hear him there. So much gay. Too much for words even. OMG JAZZ HANDS! There goes my brain. "And One, and Two, and swim it out and swim it out..." Oh my god, I can't bring myself to look. I'm trying so hard not to cover my eyes. Oh my god. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. The snapping, and the head bobing/weaving! WHY DON'T I HAVE THIS IN AN ICON? Oh my god. On further review that was gayer than porn. And there is no het in my porn people, that was gay. Something tells me when I'm not hungry and tired I'm going to regret letting everyone know that... "And turn, turn, turn, turn!" The gay has broken my het-bone. It's a compound fracture. "I can't work with this!" Oh man. Must. Learn. How. To screencap! Man I loved Nicole calling him cupcake. Just the perfect mixture of condescending and-- 00:24:02. I'm typing this so that once I figure out how to cap DivX I can get the look of shear pleasure I happened to pause on. Stupid print screen and it's non-workingness. Hang on, food break. I don't know why I typed that because I'm back an you guys are nonthewiser. Man this scene is long. Dude. He's so gonna be the Head Cheerleader. Ha!

That was a horrible commercial. Ew.

"Oh ah new ah saw strecth-marks."

Hi code name's The Antichrist. Ooh! That was fucking cool! She totally plowed into him! Oh so prissy, she made his Manazon jacket dirty! She complimented his hair! This show is so bad I like it. And Mary Cherry waving with the hammer? Perfect.

Mini-stills from Audrey Hepburn movies. Gay like gay. Also? Worst fake IDs I've ever seen. Billy-Bob Smelt? That's horrible. Really. Heh, he has dipthongs whacked. Hee. "Not out Brookey! Hey Joe this is the part where you're s'posed to catch me. *Thump*"

Ooh! Freckles! I said it before I'll say it again: Clea DuVall is hot. Oh my gosh. Glasses! And a striped polo! Should not make him look hot dammit! Clea DuVall and Wentworth Miller in the same room. My ovaries hurt. The only thing saving them is the fact tht Dominic Purcell isn't there too. Because that combination? Makes me lose coherent thought. The way he said shoplifting I had to laugh. This show sucks so hard. Military brat. That's actually even hotter. Hey, I lived in a trailer too! You can come hang out with me Billy-Bob! We'll torture the cheerleaders together and rule the school! Is it sad that I think the way he says "Hi Wanda" is cute? Ooh, fucking skanky bitch. I may or may-not have a thing against the phrase "Trailer Trash." Hey! Double-wides are nice! Oh here we go, moral time. Wheeeeee, and we're done.

Three hours. It took me three hours to watch fourty-five minutes. That was... so much gay.
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