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Wow. I just actually made an anime/emoticon face. o.O?

Also? Instead of making JD screencaps so that I could make icons or watching pretty much any of the stuff on the disk in my external like I thought I was gonna do what have I spent the last like two hours doing?

Browsing fanficrants. Oy. It's a frakin' train-wreck wrapped in a car-crash I tell ya'.

But now? To finish off my procrastination. In fact I'm even going to put in a line break because I'm OCD like that.

I was talking with thelana a day or two ago and got the idea to do this but, yeah. Procrastinator and all that...

What are your OCDs? I'm asking because first Miss_Mandy listed off hers and then I started thinking about mine which got me thinking about how everybody has some sort of weird coping mechanism or little quirk or something of the like. And now I want to do something involving Our Guys and their little OCDs/quirks. But I can't do that with just mine and so I'd like your guys' help. Anything you do or anything you know of someone else doing is welcome, I just... need some variety because most of my stuff is because of my Anxiety crap and so I don't see many other people doing a lot of it without my motivations. I know they do but I just can't picture it.

1) I have a dislike for odd numbers (And once wrestled sakura_aideen for almost an hour trying to get her to come to a movie with me and two friends. I only stopped because another friend decided not to go). The only odd numbers I'll stand for are things divisible by 5, and I hear myself justifying it by "saying" that it's a round number.

2) I crack my knuckles, toes, and neck.

3) I wring/shake my hands (and feet) violently enough to crack my wrists.

4) I bite my hands/fingers and scratch myself (The scratching is mostly during attacks the biting usually helps stave them off a bit).

5) My magnets and poster have to be perfectly straight. I once stayed up until two in the morning straightening out my magnets and if I suddenly notice a poster is a tad bit crooked I have to fix it. I once stood on a roommates bed and spent nearly an hour with sakura_aideen helping me make sure it was perfectly straight.

I also think that in a minute I'm gonna go hunt down some sentences in Japanese and Yiddish to do a voice post. There's not really much of a reason to do it but I'm bored and I want to. That and I got thelana to greet us all in English so I figure it's only fair if I speak my American-accented crap for everyone too.
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