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Title: Soundtrack
Status: Complete
Rating: PG (Allusions)
Fandom(s): Prison Break
Pairing: Slight Linc/Michael if you want to see it.
Disclaimer: I don't own Michael or Linc and none of this ever happened.
Summary: Songs.

There are some songs that Michael can't listen to.

He can't stand anything by The Doors because Jerry used to listen to them; Jerry was one of mom's boyfriends when he was little and when he remembers him he remembers telling Lincoln about the secret games Jerry wanted to play. Michael was the first one who got to sign Lincoln's cast when he got out of juvie.

He can't listen to jazz music because mom used to listen to it when she was feeling "sick." Michael always knew she wasn't really sick, and Lincoln knew that Michael knew; but they both agreed to pretend.

Who Wants To Live Forever, the Queen song, always makes him cry. It reminds him of his mother and he's afraid that one day it will remind him of Lincoln. He really hates that song.

There's an entire iPod full of songs that Michael loves.

Whenever he listens to Gangster's Paradise, that song from that movie, it makes him remember when he and Linc were living hotel to hotel. For every memory of scrambling rent-money together with fifteen minutes until checkout there are two of Linc just staying in bed all day and the two of them just sleeping and being lazy.

All Nirvana songs make Michael smile, whether he wants to or not. Lithium was playing when... When. Sometimes, to his dismay, he even giggles a little stupidly.

Blister In The Sun should make him angry and frustrated and this gigantic mish-mash of emotions. And it does. But above all that, and even stronger, is this gigantic amount of love and pride he feels when he remembers saving up his money and buying Linc the Violent Femmes tape to celebrate a full month of sobriety. It didn't last for very much longer then that but Michael will never ever forget how proud he felt that night.

Tags: fic, fic genre: incest, fic genre: slash, fic pairing: linc/michael, fic: prison break

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