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Run Forest, run!

Okay so I'm meta-ing right? But I start out with Linc in Gen-Pop which is suddenly less about him in Gen-Pop and all about him and the AB/AoP.

And then I bring up Sucre and I do this small bit on Sucre and Linc which turns back into race and then settles Sucre's place in the hierarchy and gives a valid reason for why he would risk so much so close to his Parole. It's so weird how this stuff runs off with me.

Also? I was talking with someone a few days while ago about Sucre and Linc and my thoughts. I think it was thelana but I'm not sure. Anyone happen to know who and/or where it is? Because I could use some more strings here.

I also have this little scene in my head (Ficish) that just won't finish right or fit anywhere at all:

I very clearly see Everyone (Even C-Note and Abruzzi somehow oddly) in the guard shack on PI. Michael is obviously tired and keeps nodding off on his feet. Linc asks, Michael denies and Sucre affirms that Michael's been tossing and turning pretty-much his entire time here and probably hasn't slept much. C-Note makes some offhand comment about following some guy who's half-delirious with sleep-deprivation to their dooms. T-Bag is T-Bag. Linc half-drags Michael outside despite his protests ("Linc don't. No. Let me go! Lincoln!") and shoves Abruzzi (Who'd been lookout instead of Sucre for some reason) back inside. Some struggling and a few thumps are heard against the door and a few minutes later Linc is dragging a half-conscious Michael back inside. Michael doesn't look hurt but he looks like he might not be fully there at the moment; like he's fighting to stay awake. The Others watch the stumbling and bumbling in and obviously have questions and of course they all come at once. Sucre asks if Linc choked him (Don't ask me why, I have no clue) and T-Bag says he obviously didn't choke him and someone else asks what the hell Linc did. Link just comments (To anyone and everyone) "Okay, so maybe it's not the healthiest idea but it's always [Either 'worked on him' or 'put him to sleep'] before." Next I see Linc sitting himself against a wall and pulling a still loopy Michael down next to him, Michael's half-slurring a bunch of just completely random things and Linc's switching between answering him and making faces at the others while he demands certain things (Like that someone either get Michael or Sucre a radio or turn theirs up). I see C-Note asking if Linc really thinks he and Michael are just gonna "nap" while everyone else does work and then Linc snapping something back. I have this semi-awkward image too of Michael sleeping while leaning against Linc and just gradually falling more and more until Linc readjusts him so that he's laying on the ground mostly using Linc's thigh for a pillow and drooling a little.

My problem? Is that I want to write this but what I just put right there is everything I have on it right now. And even though I desperately want to format the above paragraph I'm not going to because this shows just how quick and rushed-together my thoughts are on this. Help me? Someone?
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