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Oh hey, more meta. T-Bag.


My thoughts on T-Bag. I hate T-Bag with a fucking passion. Robert Knepper is obviously a good actor because T-Bag is a slimy, filthy, wormy, racist, pedophilic piece of shit and he comes across that way. He's also eloquent (In his own weird way) and funny ("Not hot in here? When this boy woke up he was white!") along with being a selfish little bastard who keeps the show interesting.


Nine times out of ten Usually I won't read a fic if he is part of the main pairing. T-Bag raped and killed little children and was found so incredibly guilty of the crime that he will never be naturally released from prison. I just... The thought of him in a pairing scares me. And yet? I'm being lured over to the dark-side? "But Clex," you might ask. "What could possibly make you read something like that?" Why kygn, I'm so glad you asked! See there are these two people I know, thelana and alazysod who have conspired to lure me over to the dark side. Therefor it's all their faults. Theirs dammit.

Also, don't rapists and child molesters are seperated away from the rest of the pack? I remember seeing a prison special, and they divided up the prison into three sections, "A", "B", "C" with A and B went the regular prisoners, and at "C" went everybody who was in danger of being shanked (Rapists, police officers, and snitches)[Add It Up]

If this were a real prison T-Bag would be dead. Child-molesters do not last long in prison and last even less time in Gen- Pop. I can see him deciding that hey, he's gonna be here a while and PC* sounds like a shit way to live. What I can't see? Is no one even attempting to shank his punk ass. Seriously. Between all the shit he talks and why he's in prison? I don't care if he's the fucking head of the Aryan Brotherhood (Which is obviously what his gang is modeled after) (Which I the the AoP is supposed to be an offshoot of) someone will put money out on him. I realize that the writers want to keep him on because he helps make the show interesting but at the same time Abruzzi's the only one who has even tried to slice the bitch.

Then again, this show? Not exactly realistic.

*PC is short for Protective Custody, it's where they put pedophiles or people who have turned state's evidence. In other words: If there's a strong chance someone in General Population wants you dead and the C.O.'s know? PC is your only safe option. You're locked in a cell by yourself for twenty-three hours a day with one hour to shower and work-out each day. That hour? Can be any time. Even three in the morning.

Sure, he could be solo most of the time, but one would think that unless he was whacked out on withdrawals the Aryans would at least be interested in him. Mmmm, maybe not with T-Bag but with his predecessor.[thelana]

See the thing that bugs me about T-Bag is that the Aryian's would've taken him out a long time ago. Unless the kids he raped and killed weren't white, then there's a chance that he'd be touted as a hero and possibly even protected. God that makes me sick to think...

Also? I'm thinking T-Bag's Alliance isn't the Fox version of the AB, I think that like the Neo-Nazi's and the Skinheads they're supposed to be an offshoot group; breeding grounds for the "Big Boys" so to speak. Of course I could be way off here but who knows.

Though theoretically if T-Bag's family was AB/AoP or something else like that then he grew up in the environment, and if he grew up in the environment then that means that he started out early and it'd be fairly easy for him to rise high.

Of course there's also the American History X route where his Dad or Uncle or even a "friend of the family" was Respected by the AB/AoP and helped him along too. Which is fairly realistic because the more "pure" your blood is the easier it is to get "respect." Though there's just something about it that bugs me in a technical sense. T-Bag's a Southern boy, which makes me think that if his Daddy was a Southern boy and a racist that he'd be more prone to be a Klansman. The Aryan brotherhood and most of their offshoots? Generally don't like the KKK, they think they're all inbred and slack-jawed ingrates. A good example of this, and a good movie in general, is American History X. That movie? From what I understand it gets quiet a bit right about quiet a bit.

One of the things I feel the need to point out though is that there aren't really any... Heads? Bosses? I'm not sure the word but there is no one guy who controls them all, there's the head for this prison, the head for this city, the head for that city, the head for this entire area, etc., etc...

The white supremacist/redneck may be a "type", but it's one of those types that is absolutely based in fact. In the prisons I know of they're part of the ABs (Aryan Brotherhood). A lot of whites, even if they don't share the racist views of ABs, are forced to get along with them for protection; same with blacks & Hispanics, who are forced to hang out with their own "kind". It's a survival thing. Intermixing of the ethnic/racial groups is difficult to carry out, even if it is your nature to be friends with people outside your own group on the outside.[Chomskyite]

Yes yes and yes. Though come to think of it I'm not sure why this is here because T-Bag seems to be a completely willing racist. I'm almost positive I was supposed to out this in my notes for Linc in Gen-pop actually. Hmm. Okay, keeping this here and then also pasting it into LiG-P.

T-Bag? Is a sexual predator, I think he chose little kids not because they were children but because they were helpless. The same reason he chose Seth and the same reason he went after Michael, because they were (Or appeared to be) helpless.

There was a background theory discussion on T-Bag once where people talked about T-Bag's proficiency with language and somebody came up with the theory that maybe as a kid he was punished by having to copy pages out of the dictionary and that's how he learned all those words.[thelana]

I can see that. I can very easily see young T-Bag copying a full dictionary or two on his day. Also? Even if the other kids didn't know he was his own nephew I'd say it was probably common knowledge that his Mom was "retarded," which of course according to kids means that he must be too. I can also very easily seeing young T-Bag read the thesaurus and dictionary so that he can show all those other kids that he's not stupid.

Also? T-Bag strikes me as a sociopath or at least a borderline sociopath. What's that mean? Thank you kygn, you're so helpful! A sociopath is someone who literally has no care for another person. But wait? Didn't T-Bag look angry when Maytag got shanked? Yes, but probably not because Maytag got shanked, but because someone took his property and damaged it. When Jimmy and Jimmy's kid got picked off? It was how it affected him, that was his tie to the outside world that went snap. Serial killers tend to be sociopaths, as do some types of pedophiles. Of course the more I think about this the more my thoughts seems to clash against themselves.

As for the Maytag bit and whether or not it was consensual or not I don't know because I haven't seen many of the Maytag eps and the ones I saw I was paying much attention to him. This may be revisited soon.

Obviously he's got the love capability in there, we all saw it. I know he's got a love of his mother (or what I think is more probable; grandmother) since he said 'Send Mama my love'.[neverendingview]

See, even though this could just be a toss-away line but if it isn't then it hurts my sociopath thoughts. And you know what? His attitude makes me kinda think he was a Mama's Boy who got the crap knocked out of him at school a lot for it. I'm not sure exactly why, just that it does.

He's obviously irked though, which I blame half on genetics(inbred son of a retard doesn't help you too much) but he's clearly very smart and very quick. I think while he may not have payed attention in school, a drop of antisocialism, he's well-read. At least, enough so that his vocabulary could frighten a college freshman.[neverendingview]

That's another thing you have to think about; genetics. He's inbred, and not only is he inbred but he's closely inbred. His parents were full-blood siblings, which theoretically could make for him being one hell of a fucked-up little kid. The health problems alone have the potential to be mind-numbingly outrageous.

And you know what? Speaking as a kid who grew up with huge health problems that had me almost living in the hospital until I was like seven? You don't talk with a lot of kids and when you do they're other kids in the hospital and depending on how sick you are you may have roommates who suddenly go away one day. That fucks with a kid's head, trust me.

And at least back in the late 80's early 90's all there was to do was watch TV and read. Considering how old T-Bag is? If he had health problems that left him hospital-bound at all he had the choice to read, write, and/or draw. That's pretty much it. Therefor if you take the realistic route with inbreeding then now matter how lucky T-Bag was he spent at least some time in the hospital growing up, in which he probably read a bit.

Again, these are my opinions/thoughts/musings on T-Bag, version 1.0. After my care-package gets here and I get to rewatch the eps I may be a little bit more clear and/or coherent.
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  • I LIVE.

    We moved! Still in AZ, but now in Glendale. I have a room! We have a pool! I also have a horrific sunburn. I just started taking Zoloft a few weeks…

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    holiday love meme 2013 my thread here

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