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Okay you know what. I wanna talk. This was largely inspired by a meme that someone on my FList did and it got me thinking about my fandoms.

I've never really been largely active in my fandoms. With the exception of like Dragonball Z and Prison Break.

I mean in Lotrips fandom I never really talked much about it in this journal or even hardly much at all, and I still don't. And yet? Still in the fandom.

Viggorli fandom and Orlijah fandom I've never really said much about and yet I'm still in them too.

Orlando fandom I've never really talked about here but I have in other journals. Of course I have an Orli header and so that kinda broadcasts my activity in the fandom. Except I made this one a while ago and I don't really like it as much anymore so when causette and I are on at the same time and I get my new purty layout done I'm going to give this one up for adoption. I don't have many Orli icons because I have too many saved, I know it sounds stupid but I really can't decide which ones I want to upload over the others. I may go have another look around tonight and try to narrow it down some more.

The list goes on and on. There have only really been like two fandoms in which I've been largely seeable. And no that's not a word and yes I'm using it.

The first one is/was Dragonball Z [Slash]. It was my first fandom and I was one of the first people in it. It grew up around me and I grew up in it, so I started out in that fandom only speaking with the like eight other people in there. And then then seventeen and then the fifty and on and on and on until I lost internet access. I have no doubt that if I hadn't been forcibly removed from the fandom for like three years that I would still be big in it now even. But I've moved on from there and gone past it and it's gone to a place I don't know anymore. I can't even read the fic now because I want to talk about it and am too afraid to talk to anyone in the fandom because it's all new people.

Prison Break is my newest fandom and I'm talking in it a lot already. The majority of the reason why? I have something to say. I did a rant over here back when Fast and the Furious fandom was... well it wasn't big but back before it collapsed about Prisons and the horrible amount of things people get wrong about them. It's the same thing with Prison Break.

Why? Because I know about prisons. My mother was recently released from prison, my father, step-father and older brother are all in prison and I'm also earning my Applied Sciences in Administration of Justice. I know... an unordinary amount about the prison system. On top of that? My family is from Chicago, my mother and father have been through the jail system in Chicago and my step-dad was in Joliet, which is the prison that subs for Fox River.

Also? I've been on the run and I spent a tiny amount of time in CPS custody in a group-home, more then that though I went to Pappas and West Valley, that's the famed "homeless school" and it's unofficial high school. About ninety-five percent or more of the kids who went there were homeless, lived in a motel, lived in a shelter, or were in some form of CPS custody in some form of group home or such. So? I talk a lot in this fandom because I have something to say and am not quiet as afraid to say it. I know I won't sound stupid because I know what I'm talking about and hey, if someone else reads it and I'm wrong about something? They seem to be nice so far.

I want a Prison Break layout because finding ones of Orli is easy and I have seventy-million pictures to choose from to make one. Prison break? Has about five layouts that everyone shares and then has another sixty-two Wentworth Miller ones. No offense to Wentworth, because he is hot but... Hot damn Dominic Purcell is fucking... Mm. He's a big boy and he's just got those arms that are just... Yum. I've had a crush on him since John Doe and now there are just these pictures out there an nobody seems to be using them for anything!

I've been fooling around trying to make some PB headers but I pretty much heavily dislike most of my results. There is one I kinda like but that's mostly because I think it's funny and kinda cuteish.

It's 0312 on January 1, 2006 right now and I'm kinda loosing this train of thought so...In summary? Still in Lotrips. Still in Orlandoland. Now in Prison Break. Silent for the most part, loud opinionated bitch in Prison Break. Much love to all you guys. Happy New Years and good night! Or morning. Whatever.
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