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[...] but I also really like the idea that [Michael and Linc's mom] wasn't so perfect, that she drank a lot, that she left a lot of responsibility to Lincoln. Especially when it came to Michael [...][mooyoo]

[...] mostly I can see him looking out for himself and for Michael and keeping Michael away from anything negative about their mother. So that's why Michael sees his mother in a more saintly way than Lincoln, only remembering her as hard-working, etc.[mooyoo]

See that's my thing, I think maybe Michael idolizes her so much because of a combination of things but with Linc playing a large part. I can totally see Linc covering and taking the blame for every crappy thing their mom ever did Even if she didn't do it on purpose), like I can easily see Linc selling off his video games or something after mom forgets to get Christmas presents or something. And of course Linc would never, ever tell Michael about it because he wants Michael to grow up as good and normal as possible. Linc knows he's a fuck-up and he knows that he has a life of manual labor or McDonald's to look forward too and he wants more for Michael.

I have this very clear image in my mind of there being no food one night Because Mom blew the money) and instead of saying what really happened Linc told Michael he forgot to get money from Mom to go to the store. Of course in that same vein I see Linc going and blowing the money on an occasion or two himself.

At the same time, though, I'm not sure I can see Lincoln being responsible enough to take care of everything in the house[mooyoo]

See, maybe it's just that Linc reminds me of my big brother a tiny bit but I can see him trying. What I mean is that while I don't see him supporting Michael on his own legally As I said in my Uberdorkism) I can see him hiding the bill-money so it wouldn't get spent and begging his friends to ask their parents if he and Michael can eat dinner there when they don't have any food. Of course I can also see Linc being a normal teenager and telling Michael to "get lost" and "quit following [him] all the time" or taking him to a girlfriend's house and then leaving him alone while he and the girl go screw in her room. Very stupid, very teenager things.

Yeah, I think that's more how I picture him. I see him as mostly pushing Michael around, picking on him, etc, but being there for him when he needs to be, protecting him from their mother when he needs to as well as bullies, gangs, etc outside the home.[mooyoo]

Oh same here, for every time I mention Linc stealing food for Michael I get an unmentioned image of Linc play Bloody Knuckles with him and breaking his fingers when he gets mad. I don't mean that like he takes a hammer to them or something, I see him grabbing say Mike's index finger and twisting his arm behind his back until he yells Uncle. No that never happened to me why do you ask? I also see Linc completely terrorizing Michael when they were kids, things like Linc chasing him around the apartment dressed like Freddy Krueger on Halloween or just random boxing/wrestling matches which would always end up with bloody noses and missing baby teeth and holes in walls...

I see Linc as much more physical than thoughtful, [...]protect Michael by sending him off to his room when Mom comes home drunk, telling him she's sick when she's hungover, etc, rather than trying to save money. If that makes any sense.[mooyoo]

It makes complete sense actually. I think And keep in mind I'm trying to have this make sense for someone else) maybe that because I imagine Michael being so young back then that in my mind it doesn't really occur to Linc to make an excuse for mom unless it's really obvious. I mean if Mom comes home drunk one night and Michael's still up I think Linc would "help" her to her room and completely ignore any questions from Michael, but I also see Linc explaining to Michael when he's like 5 that "Mommy feels bad sometimes, and when she feels bad sometimes she wants to make us feel bad you have to remember not to listen to her. She doesn't mean it when she calls you names, she just doesn't like to feel bad by herself."

Like he remembers how bad it used to be when mom and dad were still together And so much worse) and so to him her going out and getting drunk is absolutely great in comparison, because at least she doesn't have her "insulin needles" all over the house anymore. So as a result it doesn't even dawn on Linc that mom coming home slurring and tripping all over herself would have an effect on Michael, because it's nothing to him.

I think I see Linc going with to get the money and going to pay the bills himself because he remembers what it was like to sit in the dark apartment for a week and a half because mom and dad blew the money for the electric and he doesn't want Michael to feel that scared. I think the power actually does go off once or twice before Linc comes up with his routine and that from then on out he makes sure the rent and the electric get paid because if those two are good he can find a way to cover the rest somehow.

Also? I can picture Lincoln as the guy who would shrug something like his father off because it happened to *him* and it's over now. Not to mention that he too was fairly young (5? 6?) when the father left. While Michael could be seething because it happened to *Lincoln* protective cakes and so on. Taking!It!Personally! on Lincoln's behalf. Just like I fully expect Lincoln to T!I!P! if LJ ever tells him about what happened with stepdad. Just like he was seething when he heard about Michael's toes while here Michael was the one who shrugged it off as not important. [LolaRuns]

See, in my experience that's a very guy-like thing. My dad once dragged me out of the hospital when I was two because I was yelling out in pain. Actually thinking about it more it seems to be a very family thing, because I remember my older brother getting arrested for threatening to bury a guy who gave me a black-eye when I was nine (B was like 18 and the guy who hit my was 16). It's that double-standard that runs through siblings; I can beat the crap out of my brother and insult him and call him names because that's my right as blood, but if you try? You'll pay.

Linc's outlook seems to be something like: Yeah, Dad wasn't great, yelled and screamed a lot, liked to call names, hit me and mom a couple of times but it's not like she didn't hit him right back. No big deal, it could have been worse, do you have any idea what some sick fucks do to their kids?

Michael's outlook on the other hand? Seems to be: He was a horrible person who beat and tormented his wife and child, belittling them and destroying their self-esteem before picking up and leaving without any warning whatsoever.

I include a line about their Dad being violent because in my experience when there are that many drugs and alcohol around people will fight and it will get bloody. I'm not saying that Linc leaves his toys on the ground and Dad beats him, I'm saying that Dad's high, Mom's high and wants cigarettes and a massive fight starts when he won't go get them for her. I'm seeing ashtrays and phones go flying and poor little four-year-old Linc climbing up and trying to pry Dad off of Mom's neck or something.

I think I'm a little scared of my mind right now.

Then again, we don't know if Linc was ever a primary target of the abuse or if it was mainly focused on the mother? Not to mention that we don't know exactly how aggressive any abuse that happened would have been.[LolaRuns]

See, I have a problem here where I don't think I saw this episode. I missed... about three or so episodes near the beginning that I have yet to see. If anyone here knows where I can find a transcript to whichever episode this was in I would be eternally greatful because I want to meta this hard.

Wonder if Lincoln should have mentioned the alcoholism that Michael mentioned for the father when Dr. Sara asked him about his family history. [LolaRuns]

I don't think Linc worries about it. In his brain? He's not an alcoholic so it doesn't matter that his old man was one, and he stopped getting high back when he was still in Gen-Pop so it's not important. And also? None of her business.

Makes me wonder if the brothers ever talked about the father. Or if Michael maybe investigated what exactly happened like digging out medical records of Lincoln and the mom. And/or if he ever tried to track the father down to meet him. [LolaRuns]

See, I'm thinking that Linc tried not to speak about their dad around Michael and he became the pink elephant in the room. I don't think Linc ever mentioned how bad their dad was but I sure as hell bet their mom did when she was pissed, and god I can see her throwing him in Linc's face when she's angry saying that he'll end up just like his father. And I see him being terrified that he will one day and just... Mmph. I also see him being fourteen or so and getting into a full-scale blow-out with her and just... I have this mental image of his hand wrapped around her throat and her held up against the wall clawing at him and gasping trying to break free. I also see him taking off for a week or two afterwards because it scared the crap out of him.

I have so much Meta in waiting for this fandom I swear...
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