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My World - Prison Break (Preshow and Meta)

Okay. This all started when I answered a poll over in thelana's LJ and then left one small comment. It boomed from there. This is my Prison Break world.

When I imagine them as kids I see them growing up in Southside Chicago, real poor. I see Linc dragging Michael from motel to motel after their Mom dies because they don't want to be split-up and he knows it'll happen if the cops find them.

I think eventually they got found and were shuffled through group-homes, because Linc was "too old" for foster families and Michael had too many "problems" and people don't want special-needs kids who are that kind of special.

I think Linc sold drugs and stole things when he and Michael were living on the streets because if he used his name the cops would find them. I think Linc did the same thing after he ran away from his twelfth group-home and I think that after he turned 18 and didn't have to worry about the cops getting him he went straight and did telemarketing and hard-labors and all the shitty jobs he could get.

I can see Linc getting custody of Michael maybe, assuming he finds a really good pro-bono lawyer, but then losing him after getting picked-up. In that vein I'd see Michael going off to a group-home and then something Real Bad happening to him and Linc blaming himself and feeling guilty.

I know that when someone mentions the system and Real Bad together sexual abuse is the first thing that runs through their mind but I was thinking more of medical stupidity like happened to a friend of mine.

My friend Kat was a paranoid-schizophrenic self-mutilator and living in a group-home. When he was on his meds he was good for the most part, a few random auditory hallucinations but nothing too bad. Then some idiot a the group-home decided to take it on himself to decided that Kat's medicine wasn't working so he wasn't going to give it to him any more. Kat vanished from school and came back like four months later with scars all over his face and told us what happened. Without his meds his hallucinations came back and he peeled off most of his face with his fingernails before his Social Worker had him committed.

I'm not saying that I think Michael carved himself up and got committed but I think something bad would've happened to Michael and Linc wouldn't have forgiven himself for whatever it was.

I think after Michael turned 18 he moved in with Linc and got a scholarship and I think that Linc started getting fed-up with the shitty pay and struggling to feed them both. I think that he started selling again without telling Michael and I think they both knew that Michael knew anyway.

I think Linc sold drugs because it's easy to do and it's hard to get caught. I also think that during the lulls, the times between getting the drugs and selling them, Linc forged checks. Well, I think Linc thinks he forged checks but Michael came up with the idea and his different styles of handwriting are on all the checks. I think Michael came up with the hows and the ways and told Linc what he had to do to do it. Michael was the one who only let Linc do the checks when they had to, because it was more dangerous then the drugs and carried a bigger sentence.

Also? Yeah, it's true that Linc isn't the smartest person in the world but in my world? He has a huge heart and tries to do what he thinks is right any way he can, even if it means doing crack to stay awake so he can sell crack so he can pay for another day at the E-Z Inn and get Michael food and his ridiculously expensive medicine once a month. He doesn't always do things the best way but he does them the only way he knows how to.

Michael doesn't think highly of himself at all, he blames himself for everything and he "knows" that if it weren't for him Linc would've never gone out and done anything illegal because really? Linc was on the straight and narrow until Michael came to stay with him, then Linc started locking himself in the bathroom a lot (Even though they both new he was doing drugs) and starting "working" odd hours. Linc honestly felt bad that he was just barely scraping by with him and Michael, and eventually he just gave up and did it the easy way.

The way I see it Linc's protection is in big play here. Michael obviously idolizes his mother and that's all Linc's fault. Michael knows that his mom was gone thirteen hours a day five (Sometimes six) days a week because of work, and because of that and the little sleep she got during the week she usually slept through the weekend most times. Michael also knows that Mom always left Linc money so they could go get food while she worked and he knows that she always made sure Linc bought Ice Cream so he could beg his big brother into making him a milkshake every night right after dinner.

Linc remembers both his parents and so he doesn't have any blinders on to idolize either of them. Linc knows that mom was gone thirteen ours but he also knows that mom worked until seven and then went to the bar after work and drank until the bartender called her a free-cab. He still remembers all the times he had to almost carry her into the house and put her to bed without waking up Michael. Every first and fifteenth he skipped school and went to work with mom, because otherwise she would blow her check at the bar or on the corner. He always took four hundred from each check for rent and another hundred fifty for food. He knew they couldn't afford to spend eleven dollars a night on ice cream and milk but he's never been able to say no to Michael and he's always loved the smile Michael gets when he think he's won an arguement.

I think I picture Michael as the kind of kid that when the other kids were hanging up pictures of Madonna or Kim Wilde he had posters, collected articles and fanboyed the secretary of the UN and wrote him weekly letters about how to fight world hunger and elevate the debts of the 3rd World countries (and of course in my mind one day Linc gets so sick of it that he takes Michael and drives him to the UN building in New York, where Michael gets slapped down by some random watchdog secretary, getting his dreams completely crushed and deciding to focus on more low key targets after this).--thelana

Aw! Man, I can completely see that. And oh god, I'm totally picturing Kellerman being some cop there before the SS. Oh man.

And on the charity route I can completely easily see Michael doing these horribly niave things like inviting a random kid or stranger to come stay in the motel with them because "He doesn't have a place to stay either" and then Linc staying up all night sitting next to Michael on the bed with his huge six-inch knife out and all the lights on "just in case

I don't Michael was left with money often because he didn't leave the room hardly ever but if he did? Nine times out of ten he gave his money to the guy on the corner because in his mind he doesn't need to eat because he has somewhere to sleep. So if the other guy has nowhere to sleep he should at least eat something. I see Linc learning this after a while and encouraging Michael not to go outside much.

Even if it is a bit against [Linc's] nature, because he is more "protect the cubs, worry about everybody else later", while Michael bought more into the whole "When a stranger falls down, you give him your hand" kind of thing the mother told him.--thelana

Yeah, they're definetly on two sides of the penny there. Linc would totally be telling Michael to watch out for himself first and then getting roped into all these small things, like volunteering to make food boxes and driving a van for Home Base (A group of people here in Phoenix that gives sack-lunches to the homeless kids at the malls and parks) and other things like that. Michael has him wrapped completely around his finger.

First off I would just like to say that I don't like the online bio's and will explain why later. They're messy and dumb and ridiculous. The writers? I want to beat them upon the heads with Mighty Sticks of Research. That being said...

After dropping out of Morgan Park High School in only the 10th grade [...]

Okay you know what? No. Actually sure. I see him going just often enough to keep him enrolled from about Eighth and and giving up after Ma. So I guess that works.

[...] he found himself in trouble with the law on several occasions. Prior convictions include two months for Theft; three months for Criminal Damage to Property; six months for Battery; Six months for possession of Drug Paraphernalia; ten months for Battery

Okay you know what that means? Two months for theft means someone left their car open and he stoled a briefcase. It's not robbery because there's no weapon and it could actually even be shoplifting if the sum total of merchandise stolen was less then one hundred dollars.

Three months for criminal damage to property? Sounds like tagging, if he so much as broke a window if would've been Destruction Of and anything government-associated (Including some school) would be Of A Government Property.

Six months for battery? Means he beat someone hard and they pressed charges. No Of A Minor or Aggravated anywhere in there so it sounds like less than a bar fight even.

Drug Paraphernalia. What, the fuck. Ever. The lighter in my pocket? Is drug para. It's a Torch, that means it's a wind-proof flame and can be turned to light a pipe without burning yourself. That chore-boy you bought at the store for your dishes? It too. You can cut it up and stuff it in that tiny glass tube your dollar store flower game in and use it as a screen for your pipe.

Another ten months for battery. This guy probably made it to the hospital even. Hell, if one of his times in lock-up he had been put in with someone wrong that's where this could've come from. Have I mentioned that Cho-mo's like T-Bag don't last in Gen-Pop? Everyone wants them dead and they usually end up that way.

Lets see, fanwank, LJ = 5, Michael's fanwank age = 20 (meaning university). Unless we take the rather unrealistic birthdate given on the show translating to Michael = 17.--thelana

I could possibly see Michael going to university at seventeen. He's a smart kid and I see him easily studying every given moment he can. I can totally see him going to the local college and taking his GED tests at fifteen years, six months old (the first possible chance) and then doing fifty or sixty essays trying to get every possible scholarship he can.

I never considered Michael/Linc potentially living together occasionally with Michael already in college. Guess I always pictured Michael as the kind of person who would live on campus. Though I guess it is possible, since Loyola is in Chicago. --thelana

I think my main thought for not having Michael live in the dorms is a combination of things but mostly that he reminds me of myself in a way. To me Michael is incredibly co-dependent, he wants to be around Linc all the time and is terrified of what might happen to Linc if he's not with him.

Every time Linc got picked up was pure hell for Michael and when Linc went away for A While it was the worst thing to happen to Michael, all of a sudden he was completely alone and completely lost and even though I don't imagine him as emotional at all I can easily see him crying and sobbing and just losing it when Linc got sentenced.

I see Michael as the kind of person who would call Linc at work and make him stay on the phone just doing nothing if he were home alone. Michael's absolutely terrified that Linc will walk out the door and someone with a grudge against him will find him and do something.

He's terrified that Linc will walk out the door and not come back. I see Michael as the kind of person who can't stand to be alone at all and yet feels horribly uncomfortable around people.

Wow, now you have given me the amazing mental image of Michael and Linc having this totally fucked up dysfunctional passive aggressive live in relationship.--thelana

See, in my head I just have this horribly sad woobie image of Michael sitting in their room at Motel 6 with the TV on for noise and a book open to read while he sits on the phone and listens.

"Hello my name is Lincoln and I'm calling on behalf of the Chicago Sun-Times how are you today? That's good to hear I'm calling because we have a great offer going--hello? Hello? Dammit. You still there Mikey?"
"Did you eat yet?"
"Not yet."
"There's a ten stuck to the mirror, walk over to 7-11 and grab a hot dog real quick."
"I don't wanna."
"Then grab something from the candy machine, get some change from the office."
"You have to-- Hi my name's Lincoln and-- Hello? Damn. You have to eat something."
"I'm not hungry."
"Please Mikey?"
"When are you coming home?"
"I'll be home soon. You want me to grab something on the way?"
"Fine. You wanna go to 7-11 when I get home?"
Every time Linc got picked up was pure hell for Michael and when Linc went away for A While it was the worst thing to happen to Michael, all of a sudden he was completely alone and completely lost and even though I don't imagine him as emotional at all I can easily see him crying and sobbing and just losing it when Linc got sentenced.

Oh man, I can totally see them fighting over something stupid while Linc is high and Linc saying something horrible like "If you would stop calling me every three seconds and get a fucking life maybe I might be able to get us out of this hell-hole!" And then Michael just freaking out and running away (To the fourth floor by the ice machines) until Linc comes over and apologizes. Okay so in my mind Linc's more yelling "If you'd get off me dick and get a fucking life [...]" but yeah. Not supposed to sound like the image it gives. Even if it is a nice image.

Though if you do take the birth date we saw on the show that would also mean that Linc was like 16/17 when LJ was born. So, really, really young.--thelana

In my head Michael resents LJ's mom a bit because in his mind they were fine and dandy until she came along. Michael loves LJ with all his heart and could never even think about being angry with him for more then a millisecond, but at the same time he can't bring himself to be happy around his house.

I don't think Linc stayed with or even knew about LJ right away. I think he didn't find out until LJ was almost a year or so old. I see him begging Lisa to let him stay so he could be a father to his kid and her having her own life with living with her mom and going to school and raising LJ.

Lisa lets Linc come over sometimes, but never if he's high or drunk and she doesn't like Michael seeing the baby because she knows he doesn't like her and she thinks he's kinda creepy. Linc makes breakfast on Sundays and isn't allowed to take LJ out of the house but he did it once anyway and wasn't allowed to see him for months after.

LJ was about five by the time Lisa's mom got fed-up, Lisa and LJ moved in with Linc and Michael and everything nosedove from there. Michael taught LJ "weirds games" and wouldn't take his medication unless Linc gave it to him, Lisa eventually got pissed and took LJ and left in the middle of the night. Linc still blames himself and Michael thinks Linc blames him.

I think Lisa was one of those people who got to have the Cool Boyfriend who was a bad-boy and did bad things and who borrowed money from her sometimes that she never really got back. I think there's a good chance that Linc has a few other kids out there too but that Lisa's the only chick one who ever ran into Linc twice and that she was so angry with him that she felt the need to tell him about LJ. In my mind Linc is about seventeen now and he doesn't care about Lisa or LJ at all until he goes home to Michael and remembers how Michael used to cry on his shoulder when they were little because he was a bad boy and Daddy didn't love him enough to stay.

I think that after that Linc bugged Lisa and pestered her until she caved in and let him have some small, tiny, bit part in LJ's life.

Linc seems to be the kinda guy who, while not exactly being a pimp or a rent-boy or anything, would fuck anyone who could help him somehow. Someone who could give him money or a place for him and Michael to stay, I see him as a charmer who uses anyone and anything to get what he needs to take care of his brother.

In my mind Lisa was a "Snobby little rich-bitch" who slummed it with a bad-boy (Because everyone wants to once) and got fucked-over by it. No love for Lincoln. Though some part of me thinks that naming her child Lincoln Burrows II was a last-minute shot at her parents. One of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time. No one in her family, herself included wanted anything to do with Linc or wanted LJ to ever even meet him. Bad influences and all that...

I'm not sure if I wrote this somewhere yet either but in my mind? Linc and Lisa barely got along during the three and a half weeks they were together and tolerated each other after LJ was born. Lisa hates that she got used and let herself be sweet- talked by a "con-man" and Linc... He needed her money she did her part. He loves LJ more than anything now but he still resents Lisa somewhere in his mind. He doesn't know why and he's terrified that he might hate her for having LJ but really it's just because sometimes two people don't get along and they just were meant to fight. In another word and another life Lisa... I'm kinda seeing them as Seth and Marissa from O.C. at the beginning. She was popular, he was an outsider, he hated her guts and she thought he was a loser. To me Lisa and Linc are Seth and Marissa if they would've hooked up back then. Hate and hurt and hormones at the wrong time in the wrong combination produced LJ.

Someone else mentioned that it seemed like LJ and Michael were close. And then someone else brought up that we never saw LJ visit Michael during the show. Of course I know from experience that there are certain rules about visitation. One of them is that a minor must be accompanied by and adult at all times, and we've already seen that one thrown out the window with the LJ and Linc visits... Though a prisoner can refuse a visitor and a prison can do the same so... I dunno. Maybe in PB-Land LJ was allowed to visit alone because Linc is death-row, but because Michael only has five years it's different. Bahg. Okay, moving on now...

I didn't really notice it much first but yeah, it's starting to get to me. I speak from experience when I say that it's easy to "hate" somebody when you have little-to-now contact with them for a while, because you can dehumnize them.

I think that LJ has't seen Linc in probably two or three years, because neither Lisa nor Linc wanted LJ to see him behind glass and they both kinda thought he'd get out. I think LJ tried not to watch the news but you can only ignore so much and the kids at school talk. It was easy for LJ to remember all the times Linc wasn't there and to dehumanize him, because it made it feel... less bad that he was gonna die because he was a "bad person" anyway.

But when LJ had to go and actually see Linc? That got him. All of a sudden he was rememering the times his dad was there for him and all the times he wasn't high. And after all is said and done that's still his Dad and... it's like the "Your mama" jokes, I can make one about my mom but that second you make one about her you're fucked.

I see Michael haveing a bit of jealousy towards LJ. He loves him but at the same time he's got that little bit of childish "No! Mine! Mine!" thing going on there. Michael's entire life revolved around Linc for years and for years Linc took care of Michael and gave him all of his attention.

Then LJ came along. And not only did he have to share the most important person in his life with someone new but he had to share it with this tiny little thing that needed attention all the time and Michael wasn't even allowed to see it him. And yeah, Michael called him "it" for years until Lisa and LJ came to stay. I think after that Michael started warming up but it was still distantly.

LJ was upset when Michael went away because that's family, that's his uncle and he loves him, even if he doesn't really "know" him all that much. LJ and Michael love each other but they both love Linc too, and the both of them want his complete undivided attention and have that mild form of jealousy twards each other because there's a voice in their head that screams "Competition!"See I've been thinking about the bit with Linc backing off. I think some part of him is proud of Michael and happy that he hurt T-Bag. I mean this beyond the completely superficial "He hurt the pedophile!" way. Linc is proud that Michael is doing something on his own finally, he's not turning around and asking what he should do or if this is okay or he Linc would do it for him, he's being completly independent for the first time in his life.

It makes Linc proud and at the same time makes him remember that LJ isn't at that point yet. In Linc's mind he thinks he may have done right by Michael, at least as right as he can now, LJ on the other hand is now like Michael was way back when; completely dependent and alone. Poor babies.

I can understand the LJ/Linc thing, it's hard to have a family member in prison but if you didn't get along with them when they went in? Boy oh boy will that fester.

As for Veronica? She's the outsider. Michael and Linc kept her completely in the dark for a long time, she didn't know where they lived or anything about their parents, Michael really spun this whole life for them that she believed for so long... She's not mad at Linc for screwing around on her, she's mad at the fact that she found out she didn't know anything about him and that the only way she found out was after Michael had an "episode" and no one knew how to find Linc.

She thought they were living with their Aunt while their parent's were on vacation somewhere, and that Michael took medicine because of the asthma attacks he used to get which she never realized where panic attacks. She didn't know what Linc did to make money but when he said he did construction she made this big fantasy where he was a big mobster who made all kinds of money and was just the right level of bad. She's angry because of how stupid she was and how much fun she thought it would be if her boyfriend was a criminal. She never really got over that.And might I add that part of the reason I dislike Veronica might be because he background in sloppy and unrealistic. Clean- cut goody two-shoes don't date bad-boys throughout high school. I have this really bad feeling that the writers idea of "Juvenile Offender" means that he used to play hookie and got caught with cigarettes while he was underage or something stupid like that.

In my experience as someone from Michael and Linc's type of background? We stick together. We hang out with other kids like us who live(d) in group-homes or have social-workers or who have stolen people's credit cards to get somewhere to sleep or begged people for money to eat.

We actually usually hate kids like Veronica who had it easy and bitch about getting a C or getting grounded because kids like Linc and Michael have grown up too early been trough real life already.

It seems to me that the writers wanted someone "good" and "innocent" for the boys while growing up and that just pisses me off. I get that doing research is hard, especially when you're researching a group of people like "troubled youth" or homeless kids but damn. Common sense. A Goth is to a Prep as a "Troubled Youth" is to a "Goody-Goody."

I think I always pictured as Veronica being originally quite middle class but then her daddy fucked up, gambling, brought down the company and they went poor overnight and had to move to a crappy neighborhood.--thelana

See, I can see something like that. Especially because in Chicago? Aside from the Bulls we also have the Cubs, Bears and White Sox. We have rabidly loyal fans and several big curses that held us back for a long time. So basketball season would bring money for a gambler and everything would take it. All it really takes is one bad game to lose a nice house and be forced into illegal (Read: horribly taken care-of and slum-lorded) housing.

I can also see Veronica being the ashamed type to an extent. She doesn't come off as Proud to Have Made It but rather Afraid They All Know.

I personally think maybe Linc liked that Veronica didn't know a lot about him and that that freed him up to make a New Life. This complete lie where everything was good and he was a normal kid. I think maybe the more time he spent around her the worse he started to feel. I mean that he felt great around her but hated the fact that when he left he had to go and be himself again.

Well her bio does mention that she lived in the crappiest neighborhood of Chicago (which is quite unrealistic in another way, but I digress).--thelana

Man. Chicago has Projects. If you live in the projects and want to make something of yourself? You get bussed out and you ride hours to and from a "nice" school and you don't even fucking think about getting involved with someone else from the projects because most of them? Have had their "worthlessness" beaten in to them for generations and have lost all hope of ever getting anywhere.

"Low latent inhibition, i.e. a state where an individual has a reduced capacity to filter out extraneous stimuli, has previously been associated in the literature with psychotic states or with psychotic proneness. But some highly intelligent individuals are more porous, and simply do not filter out all such irrelevant stimuli. In fact, they may accept these extra inputs and the inputs become a part of the creative process.

This means that creative people remain more aware of and alert to extra information that comes streaming in from the surrounding environment. A "normal" person would see an object, classify it, and then forget about it, even though the object may be far more complex than he believes it to be. Someone who is less mentally keen needs to filter out extraneous stimuli in order to avoid suffering from overload and a resulting psychosis."

Okay. So Michael has LLI. This means that there is no "junk" folder in his brain, he remembers mostly everything and everything is a puzzle to him. He's that kid in the neighborhood who was always taking apart all the toys and putting them back together again. He was that kid who almost fixed the phone right until his Mom took it away from him. I don't think he's big on emotions though, I can see him bouncing between the special classes and the honors classes.

The way I see it he was probably thought to be Autistic for a while because the People In Charge couldn't tell the difference. I can see him sitting in class surrounded by kids and ignoring everybody, including the teacher, while he did his own thing. I think maybe he didn't do his work at first because the LLI kinda trumped him in it. Have you ever seen the episode of The Simpsons where Lisa's convinced she's getting stupider? It's all because there was this stupid puzzle she's couldn't figure out even after all the other kids could. It turned out she was thinking too hard and overlooking the obvious, child-like answer. I can see Michael doing that, I think he never did any class-work and only got his homework right when Linc helped him. I call it the Superman theory, it's when you completely blow by the answer to something because it's "too obvious" and nowhere near complicated enough therefor it "can't be right."

Their mom had a job that made her gone from almost noon until like eleven at night because she had to take the bus/train there and back so she couldn't really help with schoolwork, and besides she got her GED when she was in her thirties and even then she struggled for it.

I see Michael being the kid who got beat on all the time because he wouldn't fight back or cry much, he would just kinda crumple in. I think Linc watched him get beat one time and beat the living shit out of the kids doing it. I think he asked Michael why he didn't fight back and that Michael gave one of his creepy-out-there answers like "Did you know that when your nose breaks it sounds just like stepping on a light bulb?" I think after that Linc started walking Michael to and from school and that he decided that he was gonna follow Michael everywhere and take care of him and make sure he never got hurt again. I think that every time he got hurt Linc gave him special attention (I tried that in caps at first but then my first thought was sex and I actually see a different type of comfort in this case) and pretty much bought/"found"/took him wherever he wanted to go to "make up" for letting him down. I think that Linc watched a lot of movies he never would have otherwise because of Michael. I also think he has an unholy love of mint ice cream with red licorice and flat soda because of Michael too.

I was just browsing the TwoP board for Michael and I'm marking my points and things that leaped at me.

Rags says:
His initial and subsequent reactions (ie: total freak out before regaining super coolness) are clearly emotional. The scene in pope's office where Pope tells him the transfer is going to happen and Michael goes wild - you can see even Bellick didn't expect that reaction. Goes to show that Michael has a loose cannon side to his tightly wound persona.

My thought? Michael needs things to go his way. I don't mean that in a childish sort of way, I mean he has a plan and as long as he knows everything in advance he can retreat back into his own place. He can disassociate himself and just kinda fall away passively until it's all over, that keeps him from being emotional. I don't think he likes to show emotions because it's that weird puzzle that you get from Good-Will. It's got the pieces from three puzzles and none of them are the one on the box, it just can't be put together.

I don't see Michael showing true emotion to hardly anybody because it throws an unknown factor into interactions and everything. Michael's the type of person who plans every single detail and possibility in his head and is just absolutely shocked when something happens he didn't think of. I think he was truly scared and shocked in Pope's office when he thought he was gone, I think everything that could go wrong ran through his head right then and for a moment he was completely sure that Linc was going to die and he was going to be all alone and there was nothing at all he could do. He probably felt horribly embarrassed afterwards and had this quiet moment of... something on the way back to his cell. I don't know what to call it and I don't think he knows either. I think maybe he felt ashamed because he thought he was too emotional and he was angry at himself for showing "weakness," especially in front of Bellick.

I've seen a couple of people on the board talk about how they don't think Michael's a sociopath and I agree with that. Sociopath's don't care for or have and notable feeling's for anyone but themselves. T-Bag isn't even a sociopath because he cared when his brother and nephew died, and he was not a happy camper when his first pet bit it during the riot. A sociopath does not care about anyone but themselves. At all. Serial-killer's tend to be sociopaths, people like Dahmer who did unthinkable things to people without a second thought. T-Bag has very sociopathic tendencies but he isn't one. Most human beings would find it hard to be sympathetic to a true sociopath.

Somebody mentioned that somewhere on the show or in the bios it was said that Michael and Linc grew up around Morgan Park.

Okay according to my Mom Morgan Park = Middle Class, Irish, brownstones. Neighborhood is very much like in Boondock Saints (Because it's true, you take care of your own and the Irish tend to be very big on family an sticking together), if their Ma died and their Dad was gone there's a good chance they'd be neighborhood kids. If Linc got in trouble while they were still in the neighborhood there's a good chance that one of the neighbors would go ad bail him out and claim responsibility. Theoretically Linc and Michael would be able to take off to wherever and any signature they'd need or any help keeping CPS/Social Services/The cops off their asses (For minor things) could be taken care of through The Neighborhood.

Chicago's got bad enough crime and shitty enough parents/people that it's incredibly easy for someone to fall through the cracks there (According to my Mom).

Dude. I woke up at 1330 yesterday, went to work at 1500, got off at 2315 and came home. I got online and the went and cleaned up vomit from 1230-0200 or so then got back online. And did this. It's seven thirty-six in the morning. I have work at five. I should be fucking SLEEPING! Oy. And now I sleep. Fuck.

ETA: Updates will be made to this entry. Often.
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  • I LIVE.

    We moved! Still in AZ, but now in Glendale. I have a room! We have a pool! I also have a horrific sunburn. I just started taking Zoloft a few weeks…

  • HELP?

    Anyone have a Windows7 disc they're willing to send me? I'll pay? This is the fourth Blue Screen of Death I've had in 3 days, and we have 0 discs…

  • Depression

    It's fun, right? I'm pretty much bipolar. It isn't diagnosed because the job I work at that I hate doesn't give me insurance. I was gonna go to Ma's…