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Yeah. See I was gonna do this LJ update Meme but... anyway.

Remember the Kurt.

I was helping a friend in another fandom with a fic she was doing a few weeks/month or 2 back (That's how long it takes me to get things done) and an interesting thing came up. That spawned into a bunny. Here is the bunny as almost directly quoted (Bold was changed to fit the fandom):

Imagine you're a reporter for some newspaper/magazine/website and you're interviewing Superman (Future) and Lex Luthor (Either). What questions would you ask them and why? What do you think their answers would be?

I offer the bunny but also ask the question in general; if you could ask and SV/JLA/Teen Titan/DCU chara any 3 questions what would they be?

Ignore this if it ain't your thing.
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