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X-Mas card and warning

mailea I just got the card (Technically I got it about a week or so ago but Mom forgot to fork it over apparently). I love it! Thank you!

And I just found this so I had to do it. I think I've been hindered by only having read the first book. -_-()
HP Geek Code:

One more thing: I'm going to see Brokeback Moutain tonight and I'm bringing my cell phone and phone-post numbers with me so... ANY AND ALL VOICE POSTS TONIGHT MAY CONTAIN SPOLIERS FOR BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN! DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED! *Ahem* I hate caps but I wanted to avoid angry bitching as much as I could.

Okay. Back to your regularly scheduled day.

JBBS Word Count: 3,377
Days until due: 5
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