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Okay, jbbs is... going. I've got a great outline and the story is coming along greatly. I've passed my minimum word count already and I'm just into it.

Only problem? I'm gonna need a Beta when I'm done. I'm not confident in my skills and would muchly like it if I didn't hand in a huge pile of crap.

Anyone who's not involved injbbs this year wanna help? If all else fails I'm calling kygn tomorrow and pleading with him because, really? I don't know many people.


Another thing that blows is that I have an Icon I made that I really wanna use for these entries but really? It just might give me away.

Also trying to make sure my writing isn't like my journal writing because my journal writing blows like a blowing thing.

Did I mention that right before I got shoved back onto dial-up I loaded somewhere between 140 and 190 icons (mostly bases) in a photobucket account so I could post them? Stupid fucking dial-up.

JBBS word count: 1,483
Tags: fic, gps, jbbs, rl

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