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This is excepted (Sp?) from a letter to my oldest bro. Language warning.

I *just now* have time off. I woke up at 10:30 today to the R.A. bursting into my room a yell "We have to evacuate! Let's go!" Turns out some retard on our floor pulled the fucking fire alarm. Since there's no school today (Instructor training day) most everyone was asleep. but like 2 or 3 girls got caught in the showers and had to walk across the street in blankets. I'm fucking tired.

Let me give you a rundown of the past week. 3-9 was lots of little shit keeping me away and nuts. On the 10th we had a picnic we *had* to attend (I ripped my NY Jersey from right in the middle of the left shoulder all the fucking way down. I had to borrow a *VELVET.* Fucking. JACKET! Who's dumb enough to wear velvet in fucking Arizona?

Thursday I got my hair cut (took from right after school to curfew *AGAIN*!) free w/8 other people here in the dorms. The lady who did it was an idiot. I told her I wanted this really cool style of bangs, I even showed her a picture and the fucking moron didn't even try! Second from the right (All American Rejects)<--This is how I wanted my bangs to look, but a little longer. The fuck-wad cut them all uneven right in the middle of my eyes lik this: --__-__---\ I also asked if she could just even my hair at the bottom a little, like a 1/4 inch. she fucking *LAYERED* the bottom of my hair! I had Christine fix it when I got back, so it's cool now, except that stupid bitch (Not Christine, the first one who cut it) butchered the bottom so bad she had to cut like a whole fucking inch off! On the plus side me and the other people had a citrus fight in the parking lot, I got pegged by an Orange cause I realized a moment too late I was in the middle of Brandi and Ramone (Who were trying to hit eachother with oranges and managed to get everyone else). Then we went to a Chinese Buffet. It was cool and at the end everyone had to read their fortunes and say "In bed" after them cause Brandi said it was more fun that way. It was hillarious cause one of the guys fortune's said, and I quote: "A family reunion will have enjoyable consequences." In bed. It was so fucking Hillbilly!

Friday I went shopping w/my friend Heather and her Mom. We got lots of snacks and we ate at Chilli's and then we went to the mall and Atomic Comics (I got Superman/Batman #7, Green Lantern: Circle of Fire, Wizard Poster Special, and Wizard #150). We got back like *just* in time for curfew. Friday was *SO* FUCKING LONG!!

Saturday me and Heather slept most of the day and went to dinner (On the weekends they serve at 4), when we came back we started packing our snacks and getting dressed and did our makeup for RHPS (Rocky Horror Picture Show). We left about 8 and got there around 9:30, I paid for Zell (Alah was gonna come but she got invited to her friends last-minute), myself and 2 of his idiot friends. Unfortunetly it was Bring a virgin night so it wasn't as awesome as usual but it was still cool. Then we walked about a mile and decided to take a cab to Denny's (Heather paid for the cabs and my and her burgers at Denny's) and stayed there until like 4:30 when we went to wait for a bus so we could all get home. by 5:15 the bus hadn't come and she was shivering bad (She had on a mini-skirt and halter-top to fit in at Rocky) so she called a cab. We dropped the guys off at Center Station and then went to the dorms (6AM). And waited for the RA to get off the phone so we could call her and tell her to come open the door for us. It was like 6:30 by the time I got to bed. Then I slept until like 10. -_-()

Sunday I woke up and went to breakfast came back upstairs and then it blurs until like 1/4 to 1 so I may have fallen asleep on the comp. At one me and Heather went to the canteen cause we signed up for the movie trip and we went to the movies, but Heather's a goodie so instead of getting tickets for one movie and going to see Secret Window (We get given passes and they aren't good for Special Engagments, like brand-new movies) so she bought us tickets for it. Awesome movie! From now on my line will be "I'm gonna stab you in the head with a screwdriver and (Spoilerish) bury you in a field of corn!" Cause at the end of the movie Johnny Depp kills his ex-wife and her new boyfriend and buries them in the garden where he grows corn. Mmm. Corn. Anyway we got back at 4 for dinner and I came back 1/4 to 5 with every intention of locking my room and going to watch Wrestle mania (Which we ordered), but instead my (Now old) RA popped her head in and said I just got phase 2 and to move my things downstairs to room 139! I spent 5 hours packing all my stuff and hauling it down here. I've only met one roommate who's name I don't know. I've been alone in my room for the most part, it's kinda creepy.

Monday I did school and spent my day arraigning my shit here, I'm sure I left my room for dinner but I'm not positive. And today I slept and woke up and began writing to you, not immediately though. Don't worry I had some pastries for breakfast. I left my room to get them and then I keep trying to leave my room to go ask the RA if I can move to room 136 where my friend Christine is--not my ex-roomie but 2 other Christine's--but I keep getting scared and running back in. Anthropophobia- Fear of people or society. I think I have a mild case of that.

I'm bored, I'm tired, and Heather is at her Mom's and I only know 2 other people and Aimee is sleeping and Jeremy is Jeremy. I don't feel real good either, I've been feeling...not homesick--seeing as how *this* is home now--but...I miss you. And I miss my family, and Mom and Dad. I still need to write Mom and I can't get Dad's new address so I think he thinks I'm ignoring him. I want to draw but I'm physically tired and I have no one to talk to. I mean I know I can talk to you, and you honestly probably have no idea how much that helps, but sometimes (And I know you know this, what with being alone there and all that) I just want someone to physically talk to. Not neccisarily about anything important but...I don't call grandma unless I have to (She just likes to hear about Job corps and if I'm saving my money and if I'm being responsible), and Joey's always at Andy's and even if he weren't trying to get to the phone is like a fucking test of endurance. Crystal moved and while I have her e-mail addy she has school and work and now the flu with a lung infection so we don't get to speak.

I now have 2 counselors by the way. I see them both on Thursday, pretty much back-to-back and always at lunch so I don't get to eat then. One is from school (I don't like her, I don't know why but I don't.) and one is from this place Grandma...contacted? Sean is the name of the one from the place, I don't remember the name of the one from here, I don't think she ever told me actually. Anyway Sean's kinda cool, or at least he was until Zell told me Sean wanted him to see a shrink. He thinks Zell's going to snap and kill someone someday. A few months/years ago? I'd agree, but now Zell's a total pacifist, he even has a way of staying out of fights, he tells everyone he meets hit sock him as hard as they possibly can in the arm. I've never seen him flinch. Everybody's *afraid* to start fights with him. Sean says Zell keeps his anger bottled up. No he doesn't, when he's pissed he vents on Andy or one of the rest of us. He plays video games all day, how do you get that pissed doing that? Now when hew gets *here*, he's gonna have problems. First off being that until he gets into the dorms he's gonna be staying at Grandma's.

Nothing against Grandma, I love her but I wouldn't want to live there. A) It limits your *fucking* vocab. B) The TV doesn't get turned on till 9pm cause it's cheaper then. C) Limited Internet access. D) Kaitlyn and Elyse (My Uncle Nat's kids, 6 and 4) are always there. I love them to pieces but all they want to do is run around and scream and play and be picked up and be carried and watch Nickelodeon. And speaking as a hard-working teenage member os society when I go over there I just wanna watch TV shows they aren't allowed to/don't want to watch (Which I can never get to do here), get on the net (We have real shitty coloring here and images are bad and shitty), or sleep (I've had insomnia since getting here, 9 weeks of about 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night isn't fun).

It's Spring break and because technically we aren't a school we get no time off, so lot's of people'll go on a 1-week leave. I live here now (Obviously) so I have nowhere to go if I take leave so I can't. It's not fun sitting alone in the dorms while everyone you know and even more people you don't go home and to their friends/boyfriends/girlfriends houses every weekend/day off and you're stuck here feeling like shit because every once in a while you get to go to your grandmother's so she can take you to some Grandparent's raising Grandchildren group event where aside from the directors 14-year-old son no one but you and your brother are over the age of 12. Okay you know what, it's 1:55 and I think I'll stop for now because I'm obviously losing my mind.

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