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Prison Break Thoughts!

EE! It's starting!

C-Notes postcards aren't gonna be good for everyone. I still can't believe Linc slugged the gaurd. And Jesus fuck dude! Abruzzi? He's gotta live.

Oh! Oh, okay, that's the fence. Fucking T-Bag. Fucking Cho-Mo bitch.

No! Stop hitting Linc! Shit, solitary! Oh this is gonna be so bad.

Oh fuck you T-Bag! I'm hating on C-Note big-time here, he seems to be--(D.B.) Well fuck. If they go in daylight they're gonna get caught like a mofo.

Okay, so very many things wrong with this show technically. There is no fuckiong way that Linc would ever be allowed matches much less ones in solitary.

Oh the cross means something. Of course it does, duh, it's in the Tat.

Oh Veronica, you're so fucking stupid it hurts. They will fucking kill you!

No! C-Note! No! Get off the phone! They don't know he's in prison? Oh dude. The fucking postcards! Dammit I don't wanna like you you bastard! In real life though? All calls are monitored. They would be on his ass in a fucking heartbeat.

Oh my god please tell me there's not something in his--ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmyfuckinggod! The sounds I just made are not retypable, there just aren't any letter combos I know of that can properly remake that sound. Holy fuck. Ow. I would like to say however, that the razors you get in prison are the $1 Store type with one very dull blade embedded in plastic, nothing like the ones you see on this show. God though. OW!

Oh that was a pathetically small protest for Linc. Oh my god, it's so sad watching Michael cry. Poor baby. T_T The rosary. I know it means something but still... Heh. It was Sucre's.

I don't like Sarah. At all. And that? What Michael just said? Would put him on suicide watch when compiled with everything else. Oh shit. Ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit.

The Michael/Sucre hug. XD

Come on! What is it and how does/will Linc know?

Unh. Poor Hale. Stupid Veronica.

EAT 810. Oh! Eat it at 8:10!

Ha! They look like drowned rats! Hehehe! They're fucking good. That was fucking beautiful!

Crap, Veronica's dead. She's gonna die. Shit, she's gonna sound like a conspiracy theorist. Fuck! Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck! Gah! Damn fucking cut-aways!

Ugh! I hate commercials.

Hey. How will Linc know when it's 8:10? So very many things wrong with the Linc/Veronica scene. If I didn't know so much about prison this wouldn't bug me as much I don't think. Damn bitch! You gonna die.

Okay, that's how he's gonna know what time. Heh, both of them have the same traits. Headthump, headthump, headthump... Oh ew he threw up! Oh duh! That's gonna! That's gonna get him to the infirmary!

Oh my god this is gonna be a bad cliffhanger I can feel it.

AH! FUCKING COMMERCIALS! Only seveten more minutes, oh my fucking god! My head hurts now.

He got food poisoning. *Snort* Again though, with how very fucking many things there are wrong with this?

Nnn, Hale! Comeone who--OH MY GOD! He's not fucking dead? He's still fucking ALIVE?! Holy fuck!

The Escalade outside the prison window. Nope. They'de be told to fucking move along right now.

Oh god, Kellerman's gonna kill him. In one month? What about one month? I must've heard wrong. DUDE. He fucking shot him!

Seven minutes! (Guards & Escalade) Hey, vague touch of realism! Except for the part where're they're fucked now. Well, still real, just very fucked.

New pipe. There's a new fucking pipe. Shit. Four minutes left. No fucking way dude. Come on, keep walking, keep walking. Okay, that pipe? The one they're trying to use? Would so fucking snap dude.

Oh shit! Don't turn around! Nononononono!

It's too thick? Gee? You fucking think so? Not gonna happen though, the red-tape and sheer amount of time it would take to replace it... Yeah. Nuh-uh. Wait? Not getting out? You're gonna give up that easily? After all this shit?

And hey look, here comes the guard again. Fucking putzes.

A fucking shank? T-Bag you stupid bastard! You think he did this on purpose or something fucker? Yeah, cause stabbing him's gonna magically get you out of prison, it's like a fucking Port Key!

WHAT? YOU ENDED IT THERE? OH YOU STUPID FUCKING BASTARDS! I can't believe they ended it there. Unfucking fair dude. And now? March. That's right. March.

Fuckin' A' dude.
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