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Posters and money...

Okay, so here's the thing. I have $17.50 in my Paypal right now that my Mom says I can keep. I kinda wanna get a poster but I'm not really sure which one. I saw Goblet of Fire Saturday night so I kinda really want one of those but... Oy. Am so confused. You know what I think? I think I'm gonna make a poll in a little bit for help, cause I have no clue what/which one(s) I should get. Here, and numbered for your ease, are the choices:

Here in the HP category we have:
1) Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Sirius. (PoA) $14.99
2) "Difficult times lie ahead, Harry." (GoF) $15.99
3) Cedric and Cho. (GoF) $19.99
4) Harry, Hermione, Fleur, Ron, Cedric, Krum. (GoF) $19.99

And among the misc category we have:
5) Drew and Claire. (Elizabethtown) $15.99
6) The Ring. (LotR) $8.99
7) Elizabeth, Will, Captain Jack, and Barbossa. (PotC) $19.99
8) The Dead Man's Chest (PotC2) teaser poster. $15.99
9) Kingdom of Heaven. $13.99
10) Balian. (KoH) $8.99
11) Clark. (SV) $19.99
12) Boondock Saints. $14.99
13) Constantine. $14.99
14) Trainspotting. $8.99
15) Dogma. $19.99

And, finally on the sale rack we have:
16) Daredevil. $4.98
17) Neo. (Matrix Revolutions) $2.98
18) Morpheus. (Matrix Revolutions) $2.98

The coupon code of the week for (To get 20% off any order) is: nvsave

Also? Prepare for spam today, cause coming up soon is a poll and then followed by a Weekend Recap of bad. Really fucking bad ickyness.
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